The story:
School Project where the goal was to create an interactive display of information-design. In a visual and logical way, we would need to create an exhibition for a fictional museum with a theme of our choice. My group chose to visualize negative effects of nature disasters with focus on the environment and impact on human- and wildlife. The exhebition contained of three large monitors and a table of controls to navigate through the infographic-material on the screens.

My contribution:
This project was a cooperation of five group members who all had some sort of involvement in most of the process like, data gathering, planning, wireframing, prototyping, user testing, gicing and also by sharing feedback regarding each others assigned work. During this project i was in charge of making illustrations of the foundamental origin of earthquakes, storms and wildfires. I also developed the interaction system with the exhebition and the physical elements that allowed for control. 

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