The story:
Project in 3D-graphics where the goal was to seamlessly implement a 3D-rendered object into a photograph. A task that required lots of planning and practice. Photographs for background and references was captured and with the help of a mirrored sphere we were able to capture the surrounding lights and reflections. The model was then created in Maya and was lighted as the reference images for a trustworthy blend of real and rendered.

My contribution:
During this project we worked very closely and together wedeveloped the concept and did all the preperations like planning and photographing references. To optimize our time we split up the modeling of the bike's base into diffrent parts. I did the frame and braking system aswell some parts of the handlebar. When the base of the model was finnished we sat down together again and added small details to the model. We then applied textures and materials and arranged and added lightning to the scene.

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